Since 1993 we have been applying strict production practices to our vineyards that guarantee proper cultivation as well as plant health, as defined by regulations for Organic Farming. The decision to adopt such a demanding and innovative approach to vine growing stems from our conviction that we must offer our customers a perfectly genuine product, while simultaneously safeguarding the environment.

Vini naturali, biologici e senza solfiti direttamente dai vigneti Savian
Organic Wine

During the last months of 2007, our company decided to install an important photovoltaic plant in order to pursue the aim of generating clean energy, for use in the many production stages of our product.

Vini biologici da Agricoltura Sostenibile

Quality and Certifications

The Company LE CONTRADE S.S.AGR. commits itself to reach a high food safety standard and the same high standard for its products and services.

Vini biologici di qualità, i migliori Doc e Docg

Here following the Company states the aims to be achieved for the above mentioned purpose:

Scopri la selezione completa dei vini rossi di Savian

A continuous improvement due to an innovation of the production structures and the laboratory of the company, adapting them to the process of production and to the respect of the current rules.

The guarantee of the healthiness of the products provided to its clients through a hygienic sanitary system that involves the whole staff and plant.

The importance for the staff of working in team and the meaning of quality, to be intended as the periodic analysis of activities with the final aim of improving the daily work, the work conditions and the high level of safety of the workers.

Scopri il vino biologico veneto Savian

The promotion of its products through a cooperation with qualified commercial companies able to enhance the offer.

The improvement of the current relationship with the suppliers, that become fundamental in order to guarantee the achievement of a high quality standard of the product.

The consolidation of the relationship with the customers through a strengthen of the company profile thanks to a quality of the products to match more and more with the market request.

The guarantee of the safety of environment as follows: prevention of water, air and soil pollution, reduction of energy, water and materials consumption, rationalization of waste production thanks to the recycling when possible.

  • Certificazione ICEA
  • Consorzio Vini Venezia

In order to achieve the current quality policy and the listed aims, the General Direction in keeping with the standards, commits itself to maintain active and improve the management of the food safety. To determine the adequacy and efficacy of the system the necessary resources will be provided after periodic inspections.