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SAVIAN, since 1925 the strength of balance

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Since 1925
in balance
between history and

Belief in our work, in the potential of our company, in the products we offer our customers as the result of our daily commitment: this is our strength, what enabled us to gradually expand as the years went by, and to turn that small holding into our current estate.

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Since 1925
in balance
between strength and

Our wines are the product of love. Choosing the right grapes, using a technique that exalts the expressiveness of the raw materials, and the refinement of the wines over the years give our products a well-defined personality, a strong character, as well as polish and elegance.

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Since 1925
in balance
between nature and

Between the Livenza and Tagliamento Rivers, where the provinces of Venice, Pordenone and Treviso meet and melt together with their own characteristics, the D.O.C – Authenticated Origin – wine area of Lison Pramaggiore and Venice rises: here, in this land our company rises.
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Since 1925
in balance
between fatigue and

The quality of the wines is the result of a completely natural cultivation, based on the canons of organic agriculture. The professionalism of the staff is the constant care in the production process: from vineyards cultivation to bottling, from packaging to shipping.

All this is accompanied by the strong desire to always be updated with new trends.