Since 1925
in balance
between history and

Belief in our work, in the potential of our company, in the products we offer our customers as the result of our daily commitment: this is our strength, what enabled us to gradually expand as the years went by, and to turn that small holding into our current estate.

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Marco Savian


Our days are characterized by unceasing and constant work, that sometimes makes us forget the past; but the past is the cradle of our actual life and, for this reason, is always worth mentioning.

If we just stop a moment and turn our thoughts to the past, the sentence that re-echoes through our minds is always the same: “Mine was the first fire of Bandida, once land of bandits”.

With this sentence Marco Savian, founder of our estate and respectively father and grandfather of us actual owners, used to sum up the start of his work.


You were surely wondering what the word Bandida or, less dialectally, Bandita means.

Bandita is the appellation given in the earlier years of last century to the land where our estate now stands and where, at that time, unending expanses of oak woods acted as a background to the enterprises of improvised bandits and brigands.

But seasons change from one to another, sometimes improving, and that soil that had been so neglected until then, became object of hard ploughing, that finally reclaimed the whole territory.

1925 was underway when, because of his service in the First World War, our founder was granted a small holding of four hectares, called Podere Bainsizza in memory of an important battle. He was the first assignee who settled.

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After years his perseverance and his daily commitment to cultivating such tough, arid and clayey soil led to the blossoming of a first, humble vineyard which made him a proud man for the belief he had always had in it.

The same belief has given us the right way to face constant changes and new trends, which are the main basis of our ambitious project: the construction of a new modern winery.

We trust in our job and in the product we offer… This is our strength that permits us, year after year, to grown and transform such a small vineyards in current estate.

organic wine cellar
organic wine cellar


Between the Livenza and Tagliamento Rivers, where the provinces of Venice, Pordenone and Treviso meet and melt together with their own characteristics, the D.O.C – Authenticated Origin – wine area of Lison Pramaggiore and Venice rises: here, in this land our company rises. On this soil, particularly tenacious because of the presence of calcareous clay, rich in shallow carbonate, the forty-two hectares of our estate spread, all cultivated with Organic Farming methods. Thanks to the ideal climate our fine wines grow here, from the red Cabernet Franc, Merlot e Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso to the white Prosecco, Pinot Grigio, Lison Classico and Chardonnay.

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Since 1993 we have been applying strict production practices to our vineyards that guarantee proper cultivation as well as plant health, as defined by regulations for Organic Farming. The decision to adopt such a demanding and innovative approach to vine growing stems from our conviction that we must offer our customers a perfectly genuine product, while simultaneously safeguarding the environment.

Since 1993 Savian Winemaker has been converting its vineyards to the organic farming method, strictly observing and applying all the cultivation rules dictated by EU regulations.
The company is accredited by ICEA - Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification and boasts the achievement of the relevant certification, aimed at demonstrating safe and constantly monitored production.
Only in this way, Savian Winemaker can guarantee its consumers transparency and a high quality standard.



During the last months of 2007, our company decided to install an important photovoltaic plant in order to pursue the aim of generating clean energy, for use in the many production stages of our product.

Organic agriculture

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The Company POSTUMIA VINI commits itself to reach a high food safety standard and the same high standard for its products and services.

Here following the Company states the aims to be achieved for the above mentioned purpose:

  • A continuous improvement due to an innovation of the production structures and the laboratory of the company, adapting them to the process of production and to the respect of the current rules.
  • The guarantee of the healthiness of the products provided to its clients through a hygienic sanitary system that involves the whole staff and plant.
  • The importance for the staff of working in team and the meaning of quality, to be intended as the periodic analysis of activities with the final aim of improving the daily work, the work conditions and the high level of safety of the workers.
  • The promotion of its products through a cooperation with qualified commercial companies able to enhance the offer.
  • The improvement of the current relationship with the suppliers, that become fundamental in order to guarantee the achievement of a high quality standard of the product.
  • The consolidation of the relationship with the customers through a strengthen of the company profile thanks to a quality of the products to match more and more with the market request.
  • The guarantee of the safety of environment as follows: prevention of water, air and soil pollution, reduction of energy, water and materials consumption, rationalization of waste production thanks to the recycling when possible.

In order to achieve the current quality policy and the listed aims, the General Direction in keeping with the standards, commits itself to maintain active and improve the management of the food safety. To determine the adequacy and efficacy of the system the necessary resources will be provided after periodic inspections.

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We have obtained the Food Safety System 22000 Certification, which confirms the excellence of our wines in terms of food safety and quality..
A good wine is not just the compendium of a good meal. Behind each glass there is much more. A path that starts from the earth, goes through different production processes before going through bottling and, finally, takes the time it deserves to give us the goodness we seek on our palate.
There are traditional production cycles, others innovative, others that are real avant-garde. Yet, although the term quality is often used by producers to describe their wines, especially organic ones, when we open a bottle we are sometimes disappointed.


From many factors. But what we want to focus on today is safety. Those who know us know that safety and quality, which we prefer to call excellence, are the first characteristics we look for in our wines. For us, they are not just goals to be achieved. They are also starting points that push us to improve more and more our cultivation and production techniques, which are also oriented towards a conscious and sustainable use of the resources that our land offers us.

Every day we are committed to perfecting our production processes by adopting innovative solutions and new verification and control systems that allow us not only to increase the quality of our food safety management protocol, but to do this while respecting the environment that gives us the raw materials from which we obtain Savian organic wines.

And we are happy that our commitment is rewarded. In fact, we have obtained the Food Safety System 22000 Certification, which confirms the excellence of our wines in terms of food safety and quality.

The FSSC 22000 represents for us a reward for our daily commitment. It is a certification scheme that gives added value to the safety management system for the production of Savian still white, red and rosé wines.